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2.6M more Metro folk by 2020 — ADB

According to the Asian Development Bank, Metro Manila will add 2.6 million more to it’s population by the year 2020. The cities part of Metro Manila are not even ready for the 10 million already living here. What more by 2020?

I would like to think that some cities are in fact trying to cope with this. But at the current rate, it’s still not enough. There’s no real mass transportation. I’m sorry but adding more jeeps, tricycles and buses isn’t the solution. Increasing these moving chicanes further increase congestion and pollution. Water supply is only being tolerable now. Where are we going to get that much water for 2 million more? Electricity is another problem. Isn’t anyone going green anytime soon? And of course there’s a lot of garbage to handle. The cities already don’t know where to put it and the surrounding provinces don’t want it. Very few households are segregating garbage and our entire sewage system is untreated.

Unless the people and government take care of this soon, I don’t think that Metro Manila would even be a livable place in 2020.


Written by pinoypatrol

July 7, 2008 at 9:46 am

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