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He should be in for life

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Farmer faces 12 years jail for shooting, eating Philippine eagle

Not to mention there is a fine of P1 Million pesos for doing so. I wouldn’t even call him a farmer since he poached on an endangered animal.

Stupid as well. He didn’t know what it looked like and he’s 22 years old!?!?! Living on a farm nonetheless. He buried the transmitter affixed to the eagle on his property. Did he think he could get away with murder?!? He and his friends should be charged of the same crime as well.

I doubt that he pay the million peso fine for the crime he committed. He then should be kept behind bars for life. It would interesting in jail like the conversation would go, “I killed five people and robbed a bank. What are you in here for?” He would reply, “I killed a bird.”



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July 23, 2008 at 2:37 pm

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I knew there was something else in those waters

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Antique residents fear toxic leak from another sunken ship

If the tons of endosulfan on the MV Princess of the Stars wasn’t bad enough. It turns out that the media barely noticed another sunken ship off the Island of Panay.

Probably because this is a cargo ship. Containers have already washed ashore but the contents of the ship is still somewhere under the sea. And this time it’s dangerous cargo.

It took almost 3 weeks after the typhoon for media outlets to report on this. Probably because of the lower death toll compared to the other ship. But still, the long term effects of the marine pollutants that these ships were carrying is something to be concerned of.

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July 18, 2008 at 2:31 pm

What if I shot you, dressed you and ate you?

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Farmer arrested for killing, eating rare Philippines eagle: officials

This just infuriates me. The question is what is going to happen to the poacher? I wouldn’t even want to call him a farmer since he’s supposed to be farming things and not poaching and hunting things for food?!?!

Punishment should be harsh. They just deprived the future another Philippine eagle.

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July 18, 2008 at 2:25 pm

How much can this city hold?

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2.6M more Metro folk by 2020 — ADB

According to the Asian Development Bank, Metro Manila will add 2.6 million more to it’s population by the year 2020. The cities part of Metro Manila are not even ready for the 10 million already living here. What more by 2020?

I would like to think that some cities are in fact trying to cope with this. But at the current rate, it’s still not enough. There’s no real mass transportation. I’m sorry but adding more jeeps, tricycles and buses isn’t the solution. Increasing these moving chicanes further increase congestion and pollution. Water supply is only being tolerable now. Where are we going to get that much water for 2 million more? Electricity is another problem. Isn’t anyone going green anytime soon? And of course there’s a lot of garbage to handle. The cities already don’t know where to put it and the surrounding provinces don’t want it. Very few households are segregating garbage and our entire sewage system is untreated.

Unless the people and government take care of this soon, I don’t think that Metro Manila would even be a livable place in 2020.

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July 7, 2008 at 9:46 am

Things just keep on getting better

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Sulpicio: Customs cleared pesticide shipment

Apart from the possibly hundreds of lives lost in the ship disaster of the M.V. Princess of the Stars, it turns out that the wreckage itself could be toxic.

Apparently 400 cartons of pesticide bound for Cebu shipped by Del Monte Philippines (who has large pineapple plantations across the archipelago) was not supposed to be on the tragic ship. Because the pesticide is a controlled substance, it is only supposed to ride with cargo and not with passengers.

Almost a week into the salvage efforts it was only known today that the ship carried the dangerous cargo in it’s belly. Officials only found out through Del Monte and not through Sulpicio lines.

Sulpicio Lines defended itself that it did not know the contents were pesticides and that documents which the Bureau of Customs issued stated that it was “Endosulfan, technical”. To the non-chemist and farmer, Endosulfan would be a strange word for me and thus refer to the next word which would be technical.

Things are getting interesting here. It seems that the ill fated ship is uncovering even more things other than bad weather. Because of the global attention to this tragedy it highlights the inefficiency of our government and maritime industry.

How could the Bureau of Customs allow dangerous cargo get on board a passenger vessel? Why didn’t Sulpicio lines disclose the full contents of the ship other than passenger manifest? What else lurks beneath the waters of the MV Princess of the Stars?

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June 27, 2008 at 12:56 pm

I think the cost is a lot more

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Manila Bay’s pollution bill: P4 billion

This reminds of me of the Simpsons Movie where Springfield was isolated from the rest of the world because they became the most polluted city in the world by dumping raw sewage in the lake. Sound familiar? Except Manila hasn’t been encased in a glass dome…yet.

I remember my father saying that the Pasig River was blue when he was a child growing up in Manila. Unfortunately for many generations since, it’s either brown or black. A friend didn’t even count it as water. And 60% of it contributes to the pollution in Manila Bay.

We may have a picture perfect sunset, but the water isn’t so.

It is not only the lack of political will but also the lack of public support. With communities of shanty towns that live near the waterways and coastline, with no proper sewage treatment what can we expect? It’s already bad enough that there isn’t a proper waste management system in the country, I don’t think that there is even a water treatment facility in the city.

Sigh, the government is pointing fingers on who should clean it up. Everyone should clean it stupid. Every city that the water ways pass through. Every government agency should chip in.

Wouldn’t we want a clean city? I think we could if we all tried. Even at home, practice proper waste management and recycling. Ensure that garbage is disposed of properly. Don’t just throw it out on the street. Reduce your carbon footprint by using less plastic and reusable containers. It all begins with ourselves and a little help.

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June 7, 2008 at 6:07 am