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Classes begin in two weeks and they need 3,000 more classrooms

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Shortage of classrooms in NCR is still almost 3,000

It’s the same old story every June. The Department of Education admitted that there is a shortage of classrooms in Metro Manila two weeks before classes begin. I’ve seen this problem every since I was in high school. Now that was a while back. I was shocked that students were having classes underneath trees and there are as much as four shifts of classes with very few teachers. There are 50 students to a class for time periods that begin at 7am, 12nn and 7pm.

This is ridiculous. Congress gets billions for their “countrywide development fund” or pork and they can’t even build decent schools for public students. Sure they build one or two right before the election which will take place in 2010. Why do people still elect inept officials that can’t help them send their kids to school?

It’s already bad enough that a few years back, textbooks used in public system had numerous factual errors.

During the Spanish colonial period, Filipinos or “indios” were not taught Spanish. They allowed everyone to communicate in their local language in order for Filipinos not being educated enough to realize that we were being oppressed our colonial masters.

It pains me to see that same thing today. The very officials that we put our trust into to help us build a better country just give us the very basic systems of live on. Forget comfort. It feels like we’ve been colonized once more but this time by our own countrymen.

Voters should know this. Your congressman or city official did’t build your kids a school until they needed your vote. That’s just as bad as selling off your vote come election day.


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May 23, 2008 at 4:10 am

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