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What a way for nuns to talk

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Nuns urge JDV: Shed light on Arroyo-ZTE meet

First of all nuns shouldn’t be involving themselves in politics. It’s a bad habit. Though it it written in the constitution of the separation of church and state, unfortunately is not practiced in the Philippines.

Not to mention that anything that JDV (that’s Jose de Venecia, former Speaker of the House and father to Joey de Venecia who was the whistle blower on the entire broadband deal) is already tainted. Why should we believe in anything that he says is for the good of the country.

After his privilege speech in congress where he was sour graping over the president. Who honestly believes in anything that any elected official says anyway?! He went preaching about bringing a change in governance and politics. He was speaker of the house for practically 12 years! Why didn’t he do anything then?

Why would the nuns be taking sides in the first place? Because they believe that JDV and Jun Lozada are morally right than the ones they accuse? Who are they to judge the moral character of people? Are they God? They should be trying to reconcile this country not split it apart by taking sides.

Why don’t they question the fact that Joey de Venecia, son of the speaker of the house, was able to place a bid for a multi-million dollar government contract? Why was a non-government family member of a high ranking official of congress even included in the bidding.

Why is there such public apathy to all of this? Is it because the ones pointing the finger are not as clean as the one they are pointing to?

Is it just about money? It’s the taxpayers money. Money that gets deducted from our pay checks even before we get it. Little does the public realize that there’s a lot more at stake other than money and power. I’ll discuss it in another blog post.


Written by pinoypatrol

June 2, 2008 at 3:06 pm