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It’s still not enough

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MRT-3 ridership reaches half a million daily

While I was away, the price of unleaded gasoline did finally breach P60.57. Which brought the prices of gas to $5.19 a gallon in the Philippines. Oil companies reduced the price of gas yesterday by 1 peso or by almost 4 cents. But expect it to rise by next week.

People are turning to the trains as an alternative to using the car but is it enough? It doesn’t seem that traffic is getting any easier. Because what we need is a real mass transportation system. Our country has spent that past 20 years, while our neighbors dug more tunnels and expanded their railways in the city, we removed ours. Now when we finally need it, we have to wait at least five years before it gets here. The MRT was already ridden with anomalies and corruption. I know this for a fact first hand. Now is not the time. But of course, one can never be too greedy in this country.

We are feeling brunt of all the politics and greed that runs this nation. The sins of our past are now here to haunt us. Inept leaders of government and all the bureaucracy that has tied projects like this down in the past has come to make us suffer for it today. It is unfair to blame it to the current administration since they too are powerless to events that are happening globally. Face it peeps, you’re not the only one suffering in the world.

The one thing that people don’t seem to realize that you must make drastic lifestyle choices to see this global economic crunch through. There are a lot of things that I used to buy and used to do, I don’t anymore since I’m trying to save up some cash. I would love to take public transportation. I usually take the trains in almost every city I go to. Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Vienna, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, it’s everywhere but here?! These cities have long expansive rails that take their citizens practically everywhere they need to go. Here, I have to take my car.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my car. But driving is a total pain. What makes driving around in Manila expensive is all the gas you waste while you’re in traffic. I have to pay separately from train to bus to jeep to tricycles. Tricycles are such an eye sore. It’s a sign on how far your country is sinking. It’s not a solution to transportation if these public vehicle licenses are being issued just as much as a driver’s license. It just adds more congestion to the already congested streets and it doesn’t make it any easier to the regular car driver that these moving chicanes have to stop at every corner.

I want someone who can clean up the streets. Literally. I want to see only buses, taxis and private cars on the street and everyone else taking the train. No tricycles. You have feet! Start walking. It’s healthier. Jeeps?!? Probably as shuttles but not from one end of the city to the other.

The hard part about all of this is that I want to live long enough to see all these changes happen. Yeah, I can dream on. But it shouldn’t be just a dream it should be our goal.


Written by pinoypatrol

July 11, 2008 at 5:35 am

At this rate gas will be P60 before the end of the month

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As predicted, the price of unleaded gasoline is now P55.07 a liter. In US terms that would be $4.81 a gallon. That’s the cheapest gas around. Premium unleaded will set you back $4.85/ gallon.

This is getting crazy. I’ve been fortunate enough that my car isn’t that addicted to gas as those big SUVs. Diesel is cheaper in Manila but there are also calls from the oil companies to increase it by P11.00. That would put it closer to the unleaded price.

We must reduce our dependence on oil. We’re fortunate enough that we don’t we very cold winters. But we don’t have an efficient mass transportation or open highways. Traffic is the number one cause of gas guzzling as it increases the consumption of gas as you get from point A to B. Mass transportation will reduce this by reducing the number of vehicles on the street.

Let’s face it, there are too many jeeps and buses that clog major highways thus reducing the speed of other motorists. Driving slow doesn’t make you save gas. It’s driving consistently that saves gas. I can get 30km/ liter on my car even at 80kph.

Yes if efficient mass transportation is done, all of these “progressive” groups will complain about the lack of jobs for those jeepney drivers and bus drivers. Well that’s supposed to happen.

The current transportation system is seriously flawed. There are no bus schedules, no clear transportation routes, no map that we can even give a tourist for him to get from Manila to Makati. Bus stops are there but buses stop at all the stops and then some. It’s just a mess. It’s a clear sign of the third worldness of the Philippines. Inefficiency.

Perhaps that’s why we feel the pain of high gas prices.

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June 8, 2008 at 5:43 am

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