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I think the cost is a lot more

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Manila Bay’s pollution bill: P4 billion

This reminds of me of the Simpsons Movie where Springfield was isolated from the rest of the world because they became the most polluted city in the world by dumping raw sewage in the lake. Sound familiar? Except Manila hasn’t been encased in a glass dome…yet.

I remember my father saying that the Pasig River was blue when he was a child growing up in Manila. Unfortunately for many generations since, it’s either brown or black. A friend didn’t even count it as water. And 60% of it contributes to the pollution in Manila Bay.

We may have a picture perfect sunset, but the water isn’t so.

It is not only the lack of political will but also the lack of public support. With communities of shanty towns that live near the waterways and coastline, with no proper sewage treatment what can we expect? It’s already bad enough that there isn’t a proper waste management system in the country, I don’t think that there is even a water treatment facility in the city.

Sigh, the government is pointing fingers on who should clean it up. Everyone should clean it stupid. Every city that the water ways pass through. Every government agency should chip in.

Wouldn’t we want a clean city? I think we could if we all tried. Even at home, practice proper waste management and recycling. Ensure that garbage is disposed of properly. Don’t just throw it out on the street. Reduce your carbon footprint by using less plastic and reusable containers. It all begins with ourselves and a little help.


Written by pinoypatrol

June 7, 2008 at 6:07 am