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It was the weather agency’s fault

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Sulpicio Lines files case vs PAGASA for ‘faulty forecasting’

Seriously?!?! Blame the weather? Is that the best they can do? How can they explain that they were the only vessel who left port that day? Other who left earlier took refuge in nearby Batangas ports until the storm had passed.


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July 1, 2008 at 8:33 am

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Things just keep on getting better

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Sulpicio: Customs cleared pesticide shipment

Apart from the possibly hundreds of lives lost in the ship disaster of the M.V. Princess of the Stars, it turns out that the wreckage itself could be toxic.

Apparently 400 cartons of pesticide bound for Cebu shipped by Del Monte Philippines (who has large pineapple plantations across the archipelago) was not supposed to be on the tragic ship. Because the pesticide is a controlled substance, it is only supposed to ride with cargo and not with passengers.

Almost a week into the salvage efforts it was only known today that the ship carried the dangerous cargo in it’s belly. Officials only found out through Del Monte and not through Sulpicio lines.

Sulpicio Lines defended itself that it did not know the contents were pesticides and that documents which the Bureau of Customs issued stated that it was “Endosulfan, technical”. To the non-chemist and farmer, Endosulfan would be a strange word for me and thus refer to the next word which would be technical.

Things are getting interesting here. It seems that the ill fated ship is uncovering even more things other than bad weather. Because of the global attention to this tragedy it highlights the inefficiency of our government and maritime industry.

How could the Bureau of Customs allow dangerous cargo get on board a passenger vessel? Why didn’t Sulpicio lines disclose the full contents of the ship other than passenger manifest? What else lurks beneath the waters of the MV Princess of the Stars?

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June 27, 2008 at 12:56 pm

Another Philippine tragedy

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Princess of the Stars only latest in string of tragedies

The tragedy that struck Philippine waters last Sunday is not something new. Yet despite the history of Sulpicio lines regarding accidents in the sea. Why do these things happen?

Both government and company are to blame. There is no lack of technology or awareness that there was a super typhoon coming and the travel route would lead them directly to the path of the storm. The coast guard should have not allowed the ferry to sail at a time when the storm was to make it’s way through the country. The company should have exercised extreme caution. You’d think that they’ve learned their lessons from the past.

No amount of “documents” that detail the ship was seaworthy is enough of a gauge that it could withstand the typhoon.

Sad to say that no amount of anger on this blog or any other blog will bring the lives of those passengers back. But hopefully, we will have a voice this time. Through blogging and through web 2.0, bring this issue and make sure that this never happens again.

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June 23, 2008 at 10:52 am