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See what happens when you try

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‘No plate, no travel’ drive nabs 50 violators in Camp Crame

Just an update to my previous post. See what happens when you try to do your job. Things actually work. Now they need to clamp down on those scooters. I won’t even call them motorcycles since they’re just scooters who think they’ll live if they get into an accident. They give a bad name to all the other “motorcycle” riders/ owners who know how to follow road rules and courtesy.


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May 26, 2008 at 6:44 am

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They should have been doing this in the first place

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TMG revs up ‘no plate, no travel’ drive

This is something that they should have been doing in the first place! Just because there has been a dramatic increase in crime these past few months that they will only begin apprehending vehicles with no license plates or expired stickers. Why only do it now? It’s the law. It’s been there since we had drivers licenses and they only think of implementing it now?

But I want them to get all those fake “8” plates. “8” plates are the vehicle designation of the members of congress. There have been a lot of “fakes” popping up including plates of former members of congress who lost in the last election have not relinquished their plates.

Why should they have numbered plates in the first place? That makes them an easier target for assassins. We tax payers pay for those plates. Pay their salaries and pay the security detail that tell us to f**k off because we’re in their way.

I only give way if it’s an ambulance, fire truck or the president. Other than that they can all kiss my @$$.

Written by pinoypatrol

May 26, 2008 at 3:25 am

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