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Why don’t these students put themselves in their teacher’s shoes

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UP students stage ‘cultural protest’

So the cost of college goes up, big deal. Or should I say, deal with it. These “progressive” groups protesting in the University of the Philippines is not something new or should I say old news. There’s a protest every week and it’s so old. These students should place themselves in the shoes of their professors who are trying to make a living teaching.

It saddens me that a full tenured professor of the university is paid barely above minimum wage here in the Philippines. They are bound by the salary cap for government officials since UP is a state university. But with the UP Charter, this will finally free the university from the salary cap and finally get paid on what they deserve.

These students who complain about high tuition fees, then go elsewhere. If the student qualifies, UP has a system which classifies the student based on the income of his/her family and could end up paying very little compared to those who do not qualify. It practically gives the student a scholarship even if they don’t have one.

Based on tuition fees of private universities and colleges, UP is far cheaper. Who said education was cheap? These “activists” also protest the “commercialization” of the university. Then give ideas on how the university can still provide quality education if the government won’t give them more money and they can’t raise tuition fees. I’m listening.

Scrap lab fees? How can they expect to enter the workforce without the skills earned in college? If there are no lab fees well then the student would have to pay for everything they use in the lab. The digital scale, the chemicals, the instruments and anything that is consumable. The fees are still there to pay, they’ll just have to pay it at a later time and probably much higher.

So, go to class, study, graduate, get a job and learn about reality.


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June 4, 2008 at 9:23 am

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